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Sewing Pattern Classes in NZ

Fit and adjust the sewing pattern before you sew, using a tried and true process that will help you overcome your unique fit challenges.

Sewing pattern classes in NZ, suitable for all figure types, from pre-teen to mature.

Do you want to create unique designer garments that fit and flatter your body?

We can teach you a practical process to achieve this using any commercial paper pattern.

Adjust your patterns before you sew to ensure the final garment fits and flatters your figure. If you love to sew but find that you’re frequently disappointed with the fit of your finished garment, this technique provides the solution for you. Our sewing pattern classes in NZ will show you how to tackle fit problems before cutting into your fabric.

The Palmer Pletsch method of fitting patterns has been used successfully for over twenty years in the USA, Canada and Australia and now we are excited to be able to offer classes in your region.

You will be rewarded for the time spent fitting the pattern as expensive fabric and skilled workmanship do not compensate for poor fit.

Alison Henson - Certificated Sewing Instructor (CSI)


Class Dates 2014

Bodice & Skirt Fit

28-30 March -Taradale (Patch And Quilt classroom)

9-11 May - Bernina in Tauranga

27-29 June - Taradale (Patch 'n' Quilt classroom)

25-27 October (Labour Weekend) -Timaru Sewing Centre

Pant Fit

26 & 27 April -  Taradale (Patch 'n' Quilt classroom)

3 & 4 May - Palmerston North

30 & 31 August -  Taradale (Patch 'n' Quilt classroom)


22 & 23 November- Taradale (Patch'n' Quilt classroom)


Other dates and venues by arrangement.


Demonstration - 8 March at  The Fabric Shoppe, 406 Queen St, Hastings - 2 p.m.

Demonstration - 20 September at Morelands Fabrics, 407 Ferguson St,  Palmerston North - 10:30 am & 2 pm

Demonstration - Timaru Sewing Centre,  24 October 7:30-8:30 p.m.