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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn at these classes?

These classes are ideal for people who sew for themselves and for professionals who sew for others. If you have done sufficient sewing to realise that you have some fit challenges to overcome then you are ready for these classes. This technique works on all ages and body shapes. If you have ever experienced disappointment with the fit of a finished garment then it will be a revelation to learn how to overcome fit problems before cutting into the fabric. Refer to the class outlines for specific information on learning outcomes.

What level of sewing skill is required for this class?

Very little sewing is completed in class as the focus is on fitting the pattern but it is important that you have sufficient background sewing experience to know your way around commercial patterns and how the pieces go together to create a garment. You will cut out one garment using a pattern that you have altered during the class and then pin fit the garment, tweak the fit in fabric so you will be ready to sew the garment at home.

Does it take long to alter a pattern?

The time spent on each pattern varies and will depend on the pattern style and  what adjustments you need to make to achieve a good fit. The more you do the better you will become. It makes sense to spend time adjusting the pattern first rather than having to spend lots of time later trying to make a finished garment fit.

Does this involve drafting patterns?

It is not necessary to draft your own patterns. You will work with commercial patterns such as Vogue, McCall’s, Simplicity and Burda that you bring to class with you.

I have a full bust so can you help me to fit my patterns so the finished garment isn’t too big in the neck and shoulders?

This is one of the most common fit challenges and one of the most rewarding adjustments to complete. You will learn how to make full bust adjustments in  darted and princess styles so you achieve a flattering fit.

Do I need to buy lots of new rulers and gadgets?

Most sewers will already have most of the items required for these classes and it isn't necessary to buy special rulers or fitting systems.

Will I be able to keep up during class as I am used to working at my own pace?

Class numbers are small so that each person receives lots of individual assistance from the tutor. A very experienced assistant  works alongside the tutor in class and provides  extra support to students. If you choose to cut out and prepare patterns for homework after the first day, you will get through more work and maximise your time with the tutor. 

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Do you have more questions about sewing pattern fitting classes?

Feel free to contact us or give us a call on (06) 374 3575 - we are glad to help.